Creative Ways to Share Your Company’s Message

At the heart of every marketing strategy is the understanding that clear, straightforward messaging is a cornerstone of successful branding. After all, if your target audience can’t easily interpret what your advertising is trying to say, why even bother? Trimming the fat, cutting out the fluff, getting to the point;...

Our Top Tips for Filming Video

Dynamic, engaging, and versatile, video has become a must-have medium for everything from team training to branding and marketing. Whether you’re trying to connect with your staff, existing customers, or potential new leads, there are few methods more compelling than video.  According to Forbes, the average user will spend nearly...

Rebranding? Here are 8 Things to Consider

You probably already know that new and existing customers are making snap judgements about your company, virtually every moment of the day. And if your branding doesn’t measure up, they’ll just as quickly move on to your competition. Ask yourself this: is your current brand identity successfully representing your mission...

Navigating the Merchants Bank of Commerce Through a Successful Rebranding

In 2019, Redding Bank of Commerce and The Merchants National Bank of Sacramento unified all branches and divisions under a new name, Merchants Bank of Commerce. After the whole-bank acquisition and name change was complete, the Merchants Bank of Commerce called on Page Design for help with their massive rebranding...

The Video Production Process — Simplified

The numbers don’t lie - video continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate a message to people. Humans are a visual species by nature, and most find videos to be more engaging and memorable than many other content forms out there. In fact, according to HubSpot,...
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