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4 tips to take professional-looking headshots yourself

At Page Design, we see a lot of headshots. Including headshots in your collateral is an excellent way for people to feel a connection with the people in your organization.  Sadly, many of the headshots we see are pretty bad. Not all bad headshots are created equal, but the worst...
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Use the right file format every time

From JPEG to GIF and TIFF to EPS, image file formats are a language all their own. It’s one that professional graphic designers are fluent in, but it can be intimidating for just about anyone else. Choosing the right file format up front saves you time and money and helps...
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Simple tips for using images in your designs

One of the building blocks of an engaging design is the effective use of images. Not only do images break up the often boredom-inducing walls of text, they also offer the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience in an interesting way. But if you’re new to navigating design, images...
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“Why does this look weird?”

If your design looks 'off' it's probably because you're breaking one of the basic design principles. This eBook identifies common design problems and how to fix them.

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