Essential Elements of a Winning Website Design

While modern website design trends are ever-evolving, consistently introducing new and creative ways to make a digital impact, there are a handful of elements that are considered the cornerstones of an effective website design. From delivering a memorable visual experience to making user navigation as intuitive as possible, these key...
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The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Few people consider the work that goes into creating an attractive, functional website - that is until they find themselves in need of one of their own. Behind every excellent website is a hard-working team of web designers and developers, the individuals who use their expertise (and considerable talents) to...
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Annual Report Design: How to Impress Stakeholders

For many organizations, an annual report is one of their most important pieces of content, responsible for representing their brand and communicating their proudest successes. It goes without saying that for this vital document, the stakes are high. Intended to deliver a comprehensive perspective on all of an organization’s activities...
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How to Wow Your Guests at Your Conference This Year

Consider the most recent conference that left you feeling inspired and impressed - what exactly was it that made the event stand out? Even if you didn’t realize it at the time, that specific conference had a certain wow factor that distinguished it from the rest, that little something extra...
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4 Tips to Design an Effective Presentation

Creating a professional PowerPoint presentation can be a power-PAIN, especially if you’re not a creative type. Here at Page Design Group, we have a lot of experience designing presentations (sales decks, digital marketing strategy presentations, conference slides, etc.) to all kinds of industries. To make presentation creation a little less...
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How to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

It’s almost 2020, which means if your website looks more like a boring textbook than it does a modern, aesthetically-pleasing window into your business, you’re going to get left in the dust. Your website is live and functional all hours of the day and night, no matter what your business’s...
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Don’t let poor design hold your organization back.

A well designed brand can transform your organization and open up new opportunities. Create materials that drive interest and grow your audience.

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