California Rice — Twice the Benefits

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This year, the California Rice Commission (CRC), a long-time client of ours, came to the Page Design team, asking us to help them promote a very important message about the ways in which the ricegrowers in our state are leading the charge for environmentally-conscious farming practices. In line with their mission to support the 2,500 growers and handlers of rice in California, the California Rice Commission wanted to effectively create and deliver messaging that represented their flourishing industry to the public. Their hope was that with our help, they could not only connect with the public in a valuable way, but also educate them about the innovative efforts that California rice growers are making in the name of sustainability. 

An Industry Long Misunderstood

Historically, California’s rice fields have been faced with an array of negative connotations, receiving a critical eye from much of the public. Some believe that rice fields overuse water, one of our most precious resources on Earth, but the facts show that this idea is mainly built from misinformation. In actuality, the CRC states that the water used to flood California’s rice fields is only 5 inches deep, which is comparatively shallow. 

As it turns out, much of the public’s perception of the California rice industry is missing critical facts like these. So, the CRC wanted to partner with Page Design to create educational marketing materials that would both inform their target audience and reshape the image of California rice growers and handlers. 

“Twice the Benefits”

The key message that the CRC wanted to convey is that the water used in rice production has dual benefits: (1) It contributes to the production of food for people, and (2) it provides environmental wetlands habitat for birds and fish throughout the region. 

Many people don’t realize that the ricelands of California serve a very important role in the Pacific Flyway, providing a place for millions of birds coming to rest and recharge each fall and winter during their annual migration. California rice farmers have even started experimenting with growing salmon in the flooded rice fields and then flushing them back into the river, helping the region’s struggling salmon populations begin a path towards recovery.  Through efforts like these, California’s rice fields don’t just supply food for people nationwide, but they also enhance the ecosystem and support a diverse assortment of wildlife. 

The CRC needed our help conveying this message in an attractive and engaging way, framed in a way that would interest the public and effectively expand their understanding of the industry — this is where our talented multimedia production team came into play. Spearheading this project, Kurt Kland created two multimedia marketing materials for this initiative: an advertisement and an animation. The advertisement (featured below) ran in several local publications and the animation is featured on CRC’s website and all of their social feeds. By presenting the core messaging in a visual, dynamic manner, the multimedia materials successfully served the project’s primary focus: to engage and inform.

California Rice Twice the Benefits advertisement

Video as a Tool For Effective Messaging

According to statistics, featuring videos on your website typically results in a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines, with studies showing that most people would rather watch a video to consume information rather than read about it. Especially when kept short (industry best practices suggest 2 minutes or less), videos are an extremely effective and user-friendly way to convey your message to your target audience. Knowing this, our team elected to incorporate a video-based element to the project to reach digital consumers in a way that made sense for today’s marketing landscape.

A Proud Achievement for the Page Design Team

By taking a creative approach to the project, our team was able to successfully reframe the formerly negative perceptions of the California rice fields and help redefine the brand as a whole. The multimedia marketing materials created in this campaign, including both the advertisement and animation, work in tandem to successfully strengthen the California Rice Commission’s brand authority and credibility. Keeping in mind that nearly everyone loves brands that make efforts to support the environment, our materials were intentionally created with the goal of supporting this message and delivering it in a meaningful and engaging way for the California Rice Commission. 

For more examples of multimedia production projects that helped our clients effectively communicate a new message to their target audiences, check out the Page Design portfolio. If you would like to build your company’s brand authority and credibility through appealing and engaging visuals and other strategic efforts, reach out to our team today.

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