Creating an Identity — Agratrim Logo Design

California rice field

This past August, our client Sunset Moulding came to us with a new product that needed new branding. Sunset Moulding specializes in sustainable wood products, including decking, siding and wood panels. This specific project was for a type of manufactured wood made from rice straw, called “Agratrim”. Agratrim was in need of branding and identity in order for Sunset Moulding to put the product on display for sale. 

Bringing Visions to Life

Sunset Moudling’s past logo projects have all revolved around graphics of the sun, so for this logo design project, they wanted to stick in the same realm so that all the logos share the same theme. Jonathan Stellmach was the designer on the project, whose goal was to develop the ideas and concepts given by the client into something attractive and engaging. 

“This project was especially challenging, as you want to develop a logo that looks like it belongs with the others, but while maintaining its own identity and personality. Overall I was able to solve how to best represent the client’s ideas in a visual and iconic way,” says Jonathan. When it comes to branding and logo design, designers have to walk a fine line of staying consistent with the brand’s vision and values, while differentiating enough to stand out. We were able to deliver Sunset Moulding a fresh and innovative logo that was representative of their new ecological product, all while abiding by the client’s overall theme. 

Our Process

In order to make sure the Agratrim logo design was successful, we first met with Sunset Moulding to go over their thoughts, ideas, and background of the product. Then, once we had a good grasp of what the product was and the message that the client was trying to send, we began to concept and sketch out ideas. After concepts were made, Jonathan began designing the rough logos and experimenting with what worked and what didn’t. This process included experimenting and working with different typefaces, colors, art elements, and overall composition. 

Once Jonathan and the art directing team at Page Design had a collection of logos they liked, they presented the logos to the client to get their feedback. Usually, a few rounds of edits are involved to experiment with additional ideas the client may have. Once Sunset Moulding approved of the new Agratrim logo, the Page Design production team sent them a whole package of logo files that can be used for any of their packaging or marketing collateral.

Contact Page Design for Your Branding Projects

This logo design project was one of the many branding projects we’ve completed that added a new personality to our client’s roster while staying consistent with the brand. Whether your company’s brand is in need of an entirely new identity or you’re looking for a simple refresh, our team at Page Design has you covered. Get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your vision and goals with you.

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