Flowers on Film: Videography for the Field to Vase Dinner

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Originally founded as a homegrown movement in the floral industry, American Grown Flowers has grown into a well-known, consumer-facing brand that stands for the unparalleled quality of domestic flowers. With a mission that’s rooted in the belief that flowers grown in U.S. soil are an invaluable domestic product, the brand is dedicated to educating consumers, lawmakers, and retailers alike.

Several times a year, American Grown Flowers welcomes guests to their Field to Vase Dinners, a series of events that celebrate the host community’s local and seasonal florals. Every aspect of the evening is crafted around the concept of local, seasonal farming: guests are treated to gourmet, farm-to-table food and local beers and wines, completely surrounded by locally-grown flowers. Ultimately, the brand’s vision is to inspire and educate their guests by immersing them in the beautiful legacy of American flower farming.

Our Sacramento design agency has worked with American Grown Flowers for years, but when our hometown was selected as one of their Field to Vase Dinner hosts in 2019, they needed an experienced videography team on-site at the event. Page Design was more than up to the task, capturing every important moment in a purposeful and professional way.

Documenting the Field to Vase Dinner in Sacramento

When our video team met with the client, they had a clear vision for the moments they wanted on film: guests smiling, enjoying dinner, and appreciating the vibrant florals were all at the top of the list. Overall, our goal was to capture the event and craft a final highlight video that could stand as a tribute of sorts to the dinner and the brand as a whole. With the client’s instructions in hand and our extensive video experience at the ready, we were well-prepared for the big event.

The Sacramento Field to Vase Dinner took place on the lush Capitol lawn, with a diverse guest list that featured local farmers, floral designers, legislators, and the corporate leadership and floral buyers from large grocery chains such as Safeway and Vons. In surrounding these notable dinner guests with California-grown florals, American Grown Flowers aimed to highlight the unmatched beauty and quality of their products.

Our Talented Video Team Saves the (Unseasonably Hot) Day

On the day of the Field to Vase Dinner, the Sacramento sun pulled no punches – in the sun, temperatures soared as high as 105 degrees. But even in the blistering heat, the scene was set to perfection: gorgeous California-grown bouquets throughout the event, including an array of floral elements available for guests to touch, feel, and arrange themselves. Upon their arrival, our video team dove right into the documentation of guests, the music, and the décor. Page Design team members Jonathan and Bryan were on the job, with Jonathan serving as director for both the type of shots needed and B‑roll footage.

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But then, an unexpected turn of events elevated the event to a true test of our skills and versatility. When the event photographer passed out from the heat and needed to leave the dinner, we were prepared to help immediately. Even though we were specifically set up for video, Jonathan didn’t waste a moment – he jumped right in, taking on the role of photographer in addition to videographer. The focus expanded, and we made it our mission to ensure that every important moment was committed to both video and photo.

Jonathan and Bryan knew that they couldn’t miss a beat, especially now that photography had been added to their event responsibilities. Throughout the event, there were many “one-time only” moments that had to be recorded, like the bouquet competition that challenged legislators to try their hand at flower-arranging. In addition, they had to lead an event photography session with no pre-preparation. For any other video team, it might have been a daunting challenge – but luckily, Jonathan and Bryan aren’t just any other team, and they rose to the occasion in a way that truly made us all proud.

Despite the extreme temperatures, the Field to Vase Dinner was a flourishing success. Both the client and their guests went home happy, and the guests took with them a new appreciation for the flowers farmed in our region. And as for the Page Design team, we headed out with plenty of work still ahead. We compiled the footage into an immersive highlight video for the American Grown Flowers brand, providing them with a dynamic and engaging way to promote upcoming events. The final product was an homage to five years of Field to Vase Dinners, and a hopeful glimpse into many more successful events.

Let Page Design Help Capture Your Next Big Event

When it comes to your business, an event is so much more than just another get-together; it represents an opportunity to celebrate, show thanks, and even achieve your biggest goals. With all the time, effort, and expense required for a stellar event, don’t you think it’s time to start documenting the final product? Long after your guests head home, event video and photography can keep the event experience alive and serve a wide variety of branding purposes.

Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a massive gala, the Page Design team has the expertise, creativity, and skill to immortalize every important moment on video. Through video and photography, we can preserve the event’s best moments, turning them into an invaluable resource for future use. Don’t just make your business’s next big event a memorable occasion – make it a smart investment as well. Reach out to Page Design today and make plans to bring our video team on board for your upcoming event.


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