Ingrained — California Rice Commission Launches a Podcast with Our Help


Here at Page Design, we’ve had the opportunity to embark on a wide variety of creative journeys with the team at the California Rice Commission (CRC), one of our long-time clients. Founded with the goal of spreading awareness about the pivotal role of the innovative ricegrowers of the Sacramento Valley, the CRC has worked tirelessly to educate and inform the public — and our talented team has had the pleasure of helping them do so. So, when the CRC team came to us with the idea of starting a podcast, we were thrilled to dive right in.

The core inspiration behind the podcast creation was the same message that’s at the heart of everything the CRC does: promoting California rice as an environmentally-friendly crop, one that both sustains wildlife and provides a nutritious staple for people across the country. By presenting their message to the public in a unique and engaging way, the California Rice Commission hoped to extend their reach and effectively build their audience. 

Considering the massive popularity of podcasts and their powerful potential to connect with even the most niche of audiences, everyone involved felt extremely optimistic about the possibilities ahead. So, with the combined powers of the CRC’s passion and Page Design’s specialized expertise, we hit the ground running.

The Making of a Podcast: From Development to Distribution

Long before the first podcast episode could be recorded, there was plenty of work to be done. Our team provided consulting upfront, working closely with podcast host Jim Morris of the CRC to research relevant topics. Together, we examined other podcasts to learn as much as possible from the success of different well-known podcast production companies. The Page Design team tapped into our multimedia expertise to offer guidance on everything from podcast format and episode length to technical workflow, giving Morris constructive feedback on the right equipment and implementation. 

Once we had crafted a solid podcast production plan, it was time to move forward with plans for getting the word out about the podcast. Our Page Design team came up with the idea to name the podcast Ingrained, giving it a stand-out title that couldn’t have been a better representation of the subject matter — and the CRC loved the fun and creative touch it added. From there, we worked on building the podcast website, designing artwork for both the podcast title card as well as the site and branding as a whole. Then, we turned our attention to podcast distribution, pinpointing the distribution channels that would deliver optimal results for both our client and target listeners. 

Ingrained podcast

At that point, the ball was back in Jim Morris’s court. He took on the recording and editing of each episode, discussing a diverse range of topics related to the Sacramento Valley rice industry. The pilot episode of Ingrained explored the ways in which rice is a pillar of the California economy, and how even so, rice farming remains surprisingly misunderstood. After Morris had completed the episode, we took on the task of wrapping up the last stages of podcast production. 

With the first episode in hand, Page Design posted it to the Ingrained website, made sure it was properly transcribed, and passed it along to our selected distribution platforms. Everything looked and sounded outstanding, and the pilot episode of Ingrained was ready to take its spot on the podcast stage. Finally, in November of 2019, everyone at Page Design and the California Rice Commission raised a virtual glass to our collaborative success: the Ingrained podcast had launched!

A Creative Collaboration with a Bright Future

Now, five episodes of Ingrained (plus the pilot) have been produced, posted, and shared with the world, earning an impressive 324 downloads — and counting. For such a niche industry, tallying hundreds of downloads so early in the game is a significant accomplishment, one that both the CRC and Page Design team are massively proud of. From in-depth discussions of sushi rice to meeting the individuals working behind the scenes of the flourishing California rice industry, Ingrained has already proved that there’s more to the world of rice than you might think.

podcast download

For all of us at Page Design, partnering with the CRC to create and debut the podcast has been an unforgettable learning experience, culminating in a final product that we’re all extremely pleased to be a part of. As you can imagine, we were happy to hear that the CRC was equally thrilled with the final result, stating that, “Page Design has been vital to getting our podcast off of the ground. To do this right, there are many more areas to navigate than one would think. Their expertise has paid off tremendously. Their time and experience in podcast production are foundational to our getting this done right.”

If you’d like to learn more about the ways that Page Design infuses every project with our signature blend of creativity, strategy, and expertise, check out our portfolio. And if you’re interested in taking your company to the next level and connecting with your target audience using exceptional branding and other smart strategies, reach out to our team today.


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