Navigating the Merchants Bank of Commerce Through a Successful Rebranding

MBOC business cards

In 2019, Redding Bank of Commerce and The Merchants National Bank of Sacramento unified all branches and divisions under a new name, Merchants Bank of Commerce. After the whole-bank acquisition and name change was complete, the Merchants Bank of Commerce called on Page Design for help with their massive rebranding project. With a new name in place, all company printed materials needed to be updated, and the change needed to be effectively communicated to their audience. 

Building a Brand on a Foundation of Modern Professionalism

Ultimately, the objective of the Merchants Bank of Commerce rebranding project was to streamline and elevate the brand, positioning it as a highly professional, business-oriented leader in the industry. As we crafted the new print materials, the primary focus of our process was to preserve key components of the Bank’s existing branding — for instance, their signature blue shade and their timeless typeface — while redesigning the logo to be cleaner, more polished, and appealingly modern. 

Once the new logo was created, we then had to apply the new branding to all of the bank’s printed materials. This complex task included updating and refreshing all the imagery and photography to give it a friendly, yet professional business aesthetic that meshed with the redesigned logo. Our team carried the same look and feel across all materials to achieve a look that was consistently approachable, yet far more refined and sophisticated. 

Debuting a New Brand with a Strategic Approach

After finalizing all of the new printed marketing materials, it was time to plan and implement a strategy for effectively promoting the Bank’s vision going forward. The advertising campaign that followed in the spring of 2019 honed in on two goals: 

  1. Instill trust in the existing customers of the Bank to ensure that the same high-quality standards and service would continue to be executed under the new name. 
  2. Improve brand awareness in the communities of Sacramento and Redding to attract new customers. 

To achieve these target goals, Page Design helped lead an advertising campaign that involved the following marketing strategies, with each one spanning about three months:

  • Three radio ads in Redding 
  • Two newspaper ads in Redding
  • One television ad in Redding
  • One billboard ad in Redding
  • One print ad campaign in Sacramento
  • Two trade ad campaigns in Sacramento

The print and advertising materials created for this campaign fostered a smooth transition to the new brand with no loss of customers or brand awareness. With the rebranding complete, the Merchants Bank of Commerce was able to move forward successfully with their new brand, maintaining their customer base, expanding their reach into their target communities, and reaching even higher towards exciting new organizational goals.

Interested in seeing more examples of how Page Design is constantly raising the bar for creativity, professionalism, and smart design? Check out our portfolio, where you can browse a diverse collection of our favorite projects. Or, to learn more about how we can help your company knock your marketing goals out of the park, reach out to our team today.

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