Visit California Year in Review — 7 Publications & Mini Mag

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Since 2016, Page Design has been creating annual reports for Visit California, the ultimate source for travel and tourism in the Golden State. In addition to each year’s primary publication, we also create a ‘Mini’, a smaller version of the annual report that condenses the most important data from the larger publication for mailing to a much larger audience. Throughout the years that Page Design has worked with Visit California, our designs had always focused on just one main publication and one Mini — but for 2019, it was time to take the project to the next level.

This year, we crafted seven separate covers and intros, one for each of the segments of Visit California. The segments represent the different areas of tourism that Visit California focuses on: Attractions, Accommodations, Rental Cars, Restaurants, Retail, Transportation, and General Audience. Our scope of work and creative muscles were stretched, and upon completion, we’re proud to call the project one of our team’s biggest professional accomplishments thus far.

Targeting the Various Tourism Segments

For 2019, Page Design and Visit California wanted to elevate the annual report and truly speak to the various tourism segments that Visit California supports. Each of the seven reports has a unique cover and intro, featuring statistics that explicitly state how Visit California made a positive impact in that specific sector in the last year. This extra design and production effort succeeded in not only telling one overarching success story, but also seven individual ones.

The team who spearheaded this project enjoyed creating different covers and intros to speak to the various tourism segments that Visit California has. When asked about some of her favorite elements of the project, one of our senior graphic designers, Shannon Edgar said, “The side cuts in the Mini are pretty unusual. The cuts have always existed and change every year and give the Mini a lot of color and life.” 

Visit California publications mini

How 2019 Was Different 

Page Design pitched several creative ideas for 2019’s annual report, but this year’s publication ended up taking shape as a simple and straightforward concept, capable of standing solidly without need for a grand theme. The connecting idea chosen to tie the report for 2019 together was “It’s Working,” intended to portray how Visit California is successfully providing value to tourism businesses. 

Our team selected a gridded layout to show the progress of the organization over the last year, also incorporating a “big picture” perspective to sum up the growth over the previous five years. Ultimately, the focus of 2019 was on legibility, serious content, and telling the growth story of Visit California.

Visit California 7 publications

Print and Design Services that Tell a Story

For the last 40 years, Page Design has been telling unique stories for our clients through our print and design services. Whether the story you wish to tell is complex or straightforward, we provide the communication materials needed to transform it into a powerful message that connects with your audience. If you have a vision for a story, but you need the help of an experienced artistic team to execute it, contact us to see how we can make this happen.


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