Using data prepared by Exponent® (Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety) titled: Water Footprint of Consumption Among the US Population, Page Designers Tracy Titus and Kurt Kland distilled the information into a fun “day-in-the-life” of a person’s water consumption via the food one chooses to eat.

How much water do I use?

The animation is not intended to be a comprehensive presentation of the study, but rather to demonstrate on a personal level that much of the water we consume each day comes from growing and producing the food we eat. While there are less water-consuming choices one can make, i.e. chicken uses less than beef and wine uses less than beer, at the end of the day each of us will use about 92 percent of our water footprint from food.

Megan Riley, a recent graduate in Graphic Design from Sac State, piped up that she was well-versed in After Effects, and was assigned to fast-track the animation/production of this project. She did an amazing job bringing Kurt’s illustrations into action, including all of the sound effects. This important project cut significantly into her newbie duties of preparing art for the new Page Design website (another delay, sigh!). The successful outcome of this project has generated a series of new animation requests from other clients waiting in queue for Megan’s talents.

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