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Kicking off our employee spotlight series is Jonathan Stellmach, a talented graphic designer who’s been part of the Page Design team for just over four years. Jonathan’s time at Page Design began with him working as a contractor for CalPERS, a year-long project that would end up changing the trajectory of his design career. After his contract ended, he left California to travel to Europe, but as soon as he returned to the U.S., Jonathan happily rejoined the Page Design team as a full-time employee.

Jonathan Stellmach

A Sacramento Native with Sky-High Dreams

As fate would have it, Jonathan was actually born right here in Sacramento, not far from where Page Design is now. Throughout his childhood, he moved all over the United States, finally coming back to this area to finish off his senior year of high school. As a kid, Jonathan had aspirations of being an astronaut. Though his dreams of space travel didn’t quite pan out, we’d like to think that hanging with the Page Design team is a major improvement on freeze-dried food and zero gravity.

Before starting his career at Page Design, Jonathan studied animation and video game design in college. Halfway through his college education, he elected to switch study tracks and focus on graphic design. Post-graduation, Jonathan began working in Chico, moving to Sacramento soon after. It was here that his story at Page Design began, bringing him together with the team that he now says makes this such a great place to work.

Positive Change through Creative Design

Jonathan’s favorite part of his job as a Page Design graphic designer? As a creative at heart, he truly enjoys the experience of bringing good designs to life. His favorite projects are those that enable him to use his talent for design to make a positive impact, particularly the ones centered on sustainability, recycling, and eco-friendly topics. (Check out this awesome logo Jonathan recently created for a new eco-friendly, straw-sourced MDF building product.) In his eyes, there’s nothing better or more rewarding than a client that’s ecstatic about the final product — and seeing his designs around town on the light rail, city buses, and other everyday things are pretty amazing too.

During his time at Page Design, Jonathan hit a significant milestone with Visit California’s 2018 Year in Review Publication, the largest project he’s ever completed thus far. With over 100 pages of work and a lot of moving pieces, it was a major career accomplishment and an incredible learning opportunity. Looking ahead to his future career goals, Jonathan would love to get more into video and photography, continuing to expand his skillset and build new professional experiences.

Visit California’s 2018 Year in Review Publication
Visit California’s 2018 Year in Review Publication

For new designers preparing to dive into the creative design field, Jonathan’s best piece of advice is to get involved with projects and people that inspire you. In his view, these projects may not always pay the most, but can lead to new opportunities and experiences that further your career and help you grow as a designer. He urges new graphic designers to take advantage of open doors and to seek out as much career experience as they can.

Outside of the Page Design Office

When he’s not working as an outstanding graphic designer at Page Design, Jonathan loves finding new hobbies and getting crafty, like building furniture and sewing clothes. To help boost creativity, he also enjoys yoga, workout sessions at the gym, nature walks, and listening to music. You can often find him hanging out with his dog or grabbing a bite to eat at Jack’s Urban Eats.

Jonathan's Dog Renly
Renly, Jonathan’s adorable pup!

On the weekends, Jonathan likes to head out to Tahoe and Berkely for a quick getaway. His favorite travel destinations include Prague and Paris, and his bucket list for future adventures features the jungles of Costa Rica and the Northern Lights in Norway. Along with adding to his experiences as a world traveler, Jonathan’s other short-term aspirations include learning how to create motion graphics using After Effects and mastering the French language. 

Dreaming on Wheels

If Jonathan woke up tomorrow and learned that he was the lucky recipient of a million dollars, his first purchase would be a school bus, which he’d convert into a one-of-a-kind mobile home called a “schoolie.” Then, he would hit the road and travel America, visiting as many national parks as possible. And after that, he’d come right back to his job Page Design — right, Jonathan? Until that million-dollar day comes, we’re glad to have him right here, bringing his talent, passion, and positivity to our team.


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