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Visit California Year in Review — 7 Publications & Mini Mag

Since 2016, Page Design has been creating annual reports for Visit California, the ultimate source for travel and tourism in the Golden State. In addition to each year’s primary publication, we also create a ‘Mini’, a smaller version of the annual report that condenses the most important data from the...
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How to Wow Your Guests at Your Conference This Year

Consider the most recent conference that left you feeling inspired and impressed - what exactly was it that made the event stand out? Even if you didn’t realize it at the time, that specific conference had a certain wow factor that distinguished it from the rest, that little something extra...
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Employee Spotlight — Kurt Kland

The next Page Design team member to be featured in our Employee Spotlight Series is Kurt Kland, a senior artist who’s been wowing us with his talents for more than 25 years. Born in Mississippi but raised in Atascadero, CA, Kurt is a caffeine-loving creative with a passion for telling...
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4 Tips to Design an Effective Presentation

Creating a professional PowerPoint presentation can be a power-PAIN, especially if you’re not a creative type. Here at Page Design Group, we have a lot of experience designing presentations (sales decks, digital marketing strategy presentations, conference slides, etc.) to all kinds of industries. To make presentation creation a little less...
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California Rice — Twice the Benefits

This year, the California Rice Commission (CRC), a long-time client of ours, came to the Page Design team, asking us to help them promote a very important message about the ways in which the ricegrowers in our state are leading the charge for environmentally-conscious farming practices. In line with their...
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The Video Production Process — Simplified

The numbers don’t lie - video continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate a message to people. Humans are a visual species by nature, and most find videos to be more engaging and memorable than many other content forms out there. In fact, according to HubSpot,...
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Employee Spotlight — Jonathan Stellmach

Kicking off our employee spotlight series is Jonathan Stellmach, a talented graphic designer who’s been part of the Page Design team for just over four years. Jonathan’s time at Page Design began with him working as a contractor for CalPERS, a year-long project that would end up changing the trajectory...
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How to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

It’s almost 2020, which means if your website looks more like a boring textbook than it does a modern, aesthetically-pleasing window into your business, you’re going to get left in the dust. Your website is live and functional all hours of the day and night, no matter what your business’s...
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Elevating California — An Annual Report

Last year, Visit California celebrated a seventh consecutive year of growth while setting records in traveler spending, visitation, jobs, and tax revenues. Page design has been honored to be a part of the Visit California story; helping to showcase these big wins with the launch of this years Year in...
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Page Design Group Rebrands San Joaquin Delta College Campus Pride Center

We are very passionate about logo design. In fact, we arm wrestle one another to see who can champion each logo project that walks in the door. The winner gets to attend the kick off meetings and meet tête-à-tête with our client! Ok, maybe we don’t arm wrestle, but we...
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Not One, but Two CASE Circle of Excellence Awards

Congratulations to two of our UC Davis clients who recently won CASE Circle of Excellence Awards for recent projects created by Page Design! CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) is a professional association serving educational institutions and those who work on their behalf. Their Circle of Excellence Awards...
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Getting In Touch With The Past

The California Museum brings history to life with the help of Page Design. The museum’s longest running exhibit, “Uprooted! Japanese Americans During WWII,” now includes touchscreen kiosks by our newest designer, Jennifer Wilson. With these interactive displays, visitors can be immersed in the stories of Japanese Americans who were incarcerated...
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What’s Your Water Footprint? Using data prepared by Exponent® (Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety) titled: Water Footprint of Consumption Among the US Population, Page Designers Tracy Titus and Kurt Kland distilled the information into a fun "day-in-the-life" of a person's water consumption via the food one chooses to eat. How much...
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The First Online Innovator Magazine Quickly Strikes Silver!

Page Design Group has been creating online versions of several print magazines for many years. But the gauntlet thrown down by the team at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, led by Tim Akin, Marianne Skoczek and Lindsay Hardy, was daunting. They showed us what some of their colleagues...
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Where Fabulous Fonts Go To Die

The tour began with an ominous note: “If your idea of a good time is walking through the scorching desert among peeling lead paint; jagged, rusty metal; and shards of broken glass, this is the tour for you.” Welcome to the Boneyard, also known as the Las Vegas Neon Museum....
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The Art of Trade Shows and Conferences

Creating the overall look for a conference or trade show requires both creative and logistical know-how. Working on projects such as these can be both challenging and a lot of fun. Here at Page Design, we have several clients that put together large annual events. And we start helping them...
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