Do people even read marketing emails?


Email mar­ket­ing can be a very effec­tive way to build an audi­ence. Every day, the major­i­ty of us receive at least a few mar­ket­ing emails in our inbox­es. If you are any­thing like most peo­ple, you prob­a­bly delete the major­i­ty of them. But every so often, there is one that con­vinces you to open the message. 

It does not mat­ter if peo­ple are read­ing your mar­ket­ing emails. If peo­ple read every mes­sage, that is a bonus. Instead, your goal is to show up in the inbox reg­u­lar­ly to remind them of the val­ue you pro­vide. If your con­tent is bring­ing val­ue, your mes­sage will be a wel­come guest in peo­ple’s inbox. 

Here are a few handy tips you can use to cre­ate emails that are help­ful and serve your audience.

Start on the right foot.

Noth­ing is more annoy­ing than receiv­ing a bar­rage of unex­pect­ed mar­ket­ing emails. It is vital that you not only get per­mis­sion to add peo­ple to your email list but that you do so with an hon­est approach.

Give peo­ple a com­pelling rea­son to join your list. A gener­ic call-to-action like “Sign up for our email list!” is not enough. It is more effec­tive to pro­vide some­thing of val­ue as an encour­age­ment to signup. Maybe it is a free e‑book, a video series, or a webi­nar. If you want peo­ple to signup for your emails, you need to bring value. 

Do not drop the ball on the follow-through.

Once you have peo­ple on your list, your job is just begin­ning. Now, you need to deliv­er qual­i­ty con­tent to pro­vide val­ue to their email expe­ri­ence. Keep in mind the needs of your audi­ence. Do they have a par­tic­u­lar prob­lem you can help them solve? The more help­ful you can be, the better. 

Remem­ber, you are a guest in their inbox, be sure you show up with a good host gift in hand.

Measure and Improve

If you are putting effort into email mar­ket­ing, do not for­get to mea­sure those efforts. Put your email ana­lyt­ics to work. Dig in and find out what top­ics are get­ting the best response. Keep your eye on a few key met­rics, espe­cial­ly the open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribes.

Here is why these are key:

  • The open rate tells you how many peo­ple are open­ing your emails and how well you have done at build­ing a rela­tion­ship. If the open rate is low, your sub­scribers are not inter­est­ed in what you have to say. In that case, you need to get bet­ter at writ­ing sub­ject lines to grab their interest.
  • The click-through rate gives you an idea of how well your mes­sages are inspir­ing action. If this num­ber seems low, take a look at your con­tent. Are you ask­ing them to take action? 
  • The unsub­scribe rate is use­ful for show­ing where you are los­ing peo­ple. Keep in mind that not all unsub­scribes are bad. If you are pro­vid­ing con­tent that gets a response, this means that the per­son is not in your tar­get audience. 

How are you going to add value to your email marketing?

Val­ue is sub­jec­tive. But, if you pro­vide con­tent that caters to the needs of peo­ple, the chances are your audi­ence will find it valuable. 

Think about your audi­ence. What infor­ma­tion will they find valu­able? 


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