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The Page Design Advantage

Page Design has no sales staff, very minimal management and is run entirely by creative people. Sound scary? A recipe for chaos? Actually, it has been a remarkably successful formula for over 35 years.

1-to-1 Communication

Page Design team members work directly with their clients. This eliminates the inevitable communication breakdowns that occur when client feedback is filtered down from sales person, to the studio manager, to the designer. This also helps Page Designers become more familiar with their clients’ companies and marketing needs. The result is design that is more creative, more responsible and more targeted to the mission.

Meet Our Team

  • Tracy Titus

    Tracy Titus

    Partner // Creative Director

    Tracy has had only one job since college – Page Designer. But this means wearing all the hats that come with that position. During her long tenure here, Tracy has held the jobs of: temporary paste-up artist, production artist, graphic designer, stylist, senior designer, art director, illustrator, sculptor, singer, dancer, senior project manager, account manager, president, and partner/creative director of Page Design. She is one of the area’s top designers, with an continual thirst for learning. She pours through audible books during her commute, devouring fiction and non-fiction with equal voraciousness. Got a favorite book? She is always looking for the next good read.

  • Eric Grotenhuis

    Eric Grotenhuis

    Partner // Creative Director

    Eric sits in the sunniest spot at Page Design. In fact the back of his head is continually bathed in sunlight all day, which confirms my suspicion that his brain actually has a solar powered assist motor. Yeah, he gets a little sluggish on rainy days, but you should see him rock at high noon in June. Eric needs that extra juice as he is responsible for initiating many new client relationships and fulfilling the needs of numerous established clients as well. An accomplished illustrator, turned designer, turned marketing expert, Eric has helped the studio scale up to handle ever larger design, marketing and branding campaigns. As an avid bicyclist, hiker and kayaker, Eric gets a lot of chances to charge his brain. Oh yeah, he drives an electric car…Hmmm.

  • Sherril Cortez

    Sherril Cortez

    Print Production Manager

    Since 1984, there has never been a typographical error on any project at Page Design, thanks to Sherril Cortez. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration because there was that one in ’89 and a couple in ’96, oooh, and a doozy in 2011. But those typos corresponded with Sherril’s vacations. Sherril has that rare blend of creativity, talent and a relentless pursuit for perfection. She also prides herself in photo retouching and enhancement. (She can make anyone look good). Sherril’s skills are the reason why printers love the cleanliness of our files and clients exalt the perfect results. Page Design marches to the highest standards of precision, and Sherril leads that march with her running shoes and fitbit. She believes any day you can get outside and go for a walk is a good day.

  • Kurt Kland

    Kurt Kland

    Senior Artist

    “A good cup of tea, mindfully brewed and savored, is like a tranquil cloud lifting one’s soul above life’s Sturm und Drang.” That is Kurt’s quote and we are still scratching our heads over it. We have been letting Kurt have that “cup of tea” or whatever he has in that chalice, for over 20 years now at Page Design. We have been the benefactors of hundreds of illustrative masterpieces. On Kurt’s end, there has been no apparent  long term damage. Kurt has a Yoda-like way of watching us wave our arms, grunt cryptic sounds and speak in half sentences. Then we say: “Can you do it Kurt?” He always can.

  • Maria Dockery

    Maria Dockery

    Office Manager

    Maria’s car has a bumper sticker that says “Caution! I brake for animal rescue!” And you’d better take it seriously. Her home menagerie (I have lost track of the number) is testimony to her commitment to the animal kingdom. Similarly, and quite correctly, Maria sees each of the staff of Page Design as animals in need of constant care and feeding. This quality has made her the perfect office manager here for decades. She rewards us with praise when we get our payroll sheets in on time. And she scolds us when we forget to post job expenses. All-in-all she has tamed us well and the office runs quite smoothly.

  • Melisa Weil

    Melisa Weil

    Art Director // Designer

    Is it the orchid-like elegance of Melisa’s designs? Or is it some sort of intoxicating vapor emitted from those orchids that keep Melisa’s clients so devoted to her? Whatever it is, beware. When you start working on a project with Melisa at Page Design, you will be hooked and will demand that no one but Melisa touches your project. Melisa specializes in publications, events, displays, reports and invitations. She handles all aspects of her projects from initial meeting to attending final press checks. The elegance of her orchids permeates every aspect of her design work.

  • Michael Hendry

    Michael Hendry

    Graphic Designer // Web Developer

    Recently, in a meeting with a potential new web client, Paul, Tracy and Mike walk in: (Paul) “Hi, I am Paul Page, founder of Page Design…” (client) “Yeah, whatever” (Tracy) “Hi, I am Tracy Titus, President of Page Design…” (client) “Fine, fine…” (Mike) “Hi, I am Mike Hen….” (client, with eyes turning into two pulsing hearts) “Oh Mike, I have heard so much about you!!!” Mike is a rock star, a legend among his website clients. Best of all, he is a code geek disguised as a kind human being. Yes, Mike picked a sandwich to define his page. And, yes, Mike can eat copious amounts of food and still sport a rail-thin frame. Mike might see a sandwich on this page. But his clients see a hero.

  • Brett Thurman

    Brett Thurman

    Graphic Designer // Web Developer

    It is more than fitting that Brett chose Batman and Robin as his theme objects, because Brett is, himself, a Dynamic Duo. He puts on one mask and cape and he is a web designer/developer par excellence. Then with a quick change in the Page Design Bat Cave he will emerge and become a designer extraordinaire. His daytime persona is that of a friendly, laid-back Kentuckian who listens to clients intently and responds elegantly. Brett champions the noble causes of good letter-spacing, client-friendly CMS and quick-loading web pages. And he battles the forces of evil, such as comic sans.

  • Shannon Edgar

    Shannon Edgar

    Senior Designer

    Are the building blocks that Shannon has chosen a calling to her inner child? Not really, because Shannon is far more mature than most of us here at the studio. Actually the building blocks perfectly summarize her many versatile talents (it’s a metaphor!). She is a graphic designer, a website designer, a photographer, a sculptor, a musician and more. Each of her skills builds on top of the others, adding depth and dimension to her work. Although she has only been a Page Design team member for about three years, she has already developed a following of loyal clients.

  • Megan Riley

    Megan Riley

    Graphic Designer // Motion Graphics

    The creative and technical talents of this stealthy treefox will come into play if you need some motion graphics. Megan spends her free time either clinging to the side of a rock wall or handcrafting miniature clay figures while watching the latest and greatest animations. These influences give her the inspiration necessary to be a talented animator, break new ground and impress her clients.

  • Jonathan Stellmach

    Jonathan Stellmach

    Graphic Designer

    Have you ever grown a plant from a seed? We grew Jonathan from a seed. A seed that blew in from Chico State and took root in our hearts, as we know he will yours. With a little of our help, Jonathan has quickly matured into a design beast and is relied on by many of our clients. His military upbringing gives him the determination to battle it out in the trenches, and his eye for detail gets your job done right, all with a friendly smile. He’s Jonathan.

  • Alejandra Sanchez

    Alejandra Sanchez

    Web//Graphic Designer

    Alejandra decided to go into a different business than her father. This prodigious doodling daughter of a goat butcher never butchers anything! She even spends her weekends salsa dancing – a vegetarian dancer! This talented designer is always on the run, helping to push through your pain and get your job done right, on time, in rhythm and carved to perfection.

  • Nicole Rucker

    Nicole Rucker

    Digital Marketing & Content Strategist

    Nicole is a world-traveling, extreme sports enthusiast, and dog mom. Acting at the junction of marketing and content to develop strategies that inform and persuade. Nicole is fueled by adventure, music festivals, and almond butter.

  • Paul Page

    Paul Page


    Having founded Page Design in his namesake in May 1980, it comes as no surprise that Paul Page is also rightfully to blame for the many decades of ongoing success at the studio. Credit where credit is due. Paul’s official title as of 2017 is Retired, dabbling here and there in select projects for the studio and bestowing his guidance in spirit. His time is now devoted to gardening, biking, golfing, and lots of traveling.

The History of Page Design

Page Design was created back in a prehistoric time when rubber cement, illustration board and x-acto blades roamed the earth. In May of 1980, out of that primal ooze, a new type of designer emerged – the Page Designer. This new species shed the thin skin of arrogance and ego, common in the traditional graphic designer, and evolved with a magnificent set of ears, finely tuned to listen intently to client’s goals and missions.

Over the next decades, the cataclysmic shifts that transformed visual communications to the digital age rendered the traditional designer nearly extinct. In this new digital environment, the Page Designer emerged as the dominant design species, partnering symbiotically with the newly empowered client. The Page Designer adapted quickly to new domains of the web, the presentation, the video, the social media, the package, the display. The Page Designer is thriving today, while also enhancing the kingdoms of its clientele.

While Page Design has adapted and prospered beautifully in our 35 years of business, we are still dinosaurs in many ways. We still work in a brick and mortar (literally) building. The design team shows up every morning and works together (in person, not virtually) every day. A live person will answer the phone and talk to you every workday of the year. The personal touch is in our DNA and will never change.