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WordPress Hosting & Support

A safe and worry free home for your website

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    Monitor & Maintain

    We keep your website and it’s software up-to-date. We also monitor it for any security or performance issues.

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    Monthly Reports

    Stay up to date on the health of your site with  analytics and performance reports.

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    Support & Strategy

    We are one call away if you need help with anything on your site. From small text edits to big picture ideas, we are here to help.


Page Care Plans

We have a plan for every type of website, from simple “brochure” websites to complex eCommerce stores.
If you have specific needs, please contact us and we can discuss your options.

Save 8% on annual billing. No long term contracts, cancel anytime.



Wordpress Optimized Hosting 

Fast website hosting built specifically for WordPress.

Software Updates 

Management of all updates and installations for your site to run efficiently.

Monthly Report 

Every month you will receive a report detailing all every update made to your site.

Daily Backups 

Your entire website will be backed up on a nightly basis, and we will keep a month’s worth of backups.

Domain Name Management 

We will monitor your domain name and ensure that it never expires.

Security & Monitoring 

Your site will be monitored around the clock to prevent hackers from compromising your site. We will scan all files on your site to make sure there are no known vulnerabilities or malware present on your site.

Performance Scans 

Each week we will analyze your site to make sure it is loading as fast as it can and is free from technical errors that may be affecting its performance.

Uptime Monitoring 

We will monitor your site to ensure it is up and running. If your website happens to go down, we get a notification immediately so that we can address any issues as quickly as possible.




(Or $150 per month when paid monthly)



Gold Package +

Get everything included in the Gold Package, plus the following:

Website Support 

3 hours of support time for any work we perform on your website throughout the month.

Monthly Strategy Call 

Dedicated 30 minute call each month to discuss strategies and potential ways to optimize your website.

Priority Support Response 

Clients with priority support jump to the front of our queue and any work needed for their website gets handled before clients without priority support.

Discounted Work Rate 

Work performed outside of your support hours will be billed at a discounted rate of $115 per hour.




(Or $499 per month when paid monthly)



Call Us

Do you need more dedicated support hours?

Want more unlisted features?

Do you have multiple sites or a custom application?

Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of work is included in my support time?

    Anything your website needs! Most of the time support time is used for fixing technical issues that may pop up or making text edits on your site, but you can use your support time for any tasks related to the website, like small design tweaks or performance improvements. If we think a request will take more than your monthly support time, we will provide an estimate so you are aware of any additional charges that may be incurred.

  • What is included in the monthly Strategy Call?

    Your strategy call is your chance to discuss anything you like as it relates to your website. We will also review your monthly report with you and present options of improving your website’s performance.

  • Are there any contracts?

    No. You can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly basis, and cancel any time.

  • What if I don’t use all my support hours in a month?

    Support hours do not roll over from month to month.

  • Can I change my plan after I sign up?

    Yes, contact us if you would like to make adjustments to your plan.

  • Do you offer SEO services?

    SEO is a loaded term and can mean different things to different clients. Only the Elite Plan includes a SEO audit that will help highlight how your website appears to search engines and provides valuable insight into the content that you create. Using this audit, we can help provide general guidance on steps you can take to help improve your SEO. Our sites are already built to be organically optimized for SEO, meaning that our build standards are compliant to all the guidelines suggested by Google.

    If you wish to implement extra SEO services, we highly recommend calling us to discuss the details of your campaign.

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