Elevating California — An Annual Report


Last year, Visit California celebrated a seventh consecutive year of growth while setting records in traveler spending, visitation, jobs, and tax revenues. Page design has been honored to be a part of the Visit California story; helping to showcase these big wins with the launch of this years Year in Review materials. A collection of pieces that highlight the organization’s success in increasing tourism to the Golden State.

Page Designers Shannon Edgar, Tracy Titus, Sara Kunz and Brooke Campbell helped bring the Dream Big brand to life. They created a variety of materials for the organization to present to California tourism stakeholders. These items included a detailed magazine-style annual report, a smaller infographic based brochure and topic specific “bookmarks” that keyed in on targeted industry segments.

The name and theme of the collection is “Elevating.” The word speaks to the massive elevation of the California brand by this organization and was the inspiration for the pieces. The idea of elevating was brainstormed into a concept based on the idea of elevation lines as art elements. Mile markers, global coordinates, clever infographics and striking photography rounded out the theme.The designers were able to highlight the past years achievements with a smart, impactful, modular design solution.

Together, these bright and striking designs celebrate not only Visit California, but also the state itself. Page Design was honored to have been a part of displaying all that California has to offer and encouraging everyone to “Dream Big.”



An early sketch by Page Illustrator Brooke Campbell brainstorming how elevation lines and other map elements could be superimposed over imagery to interact with the photo scene. This art approach evolved into the driving concept utilized in these projects.

Click through the links to see how this theme was applied and evolved in some of the magazine spreads.

Infographics are a key part of any annual report. Page designers utilized bright color, dynamic gradients, and thoughtful white space to keep data-heavy pages light and playful while still communicating the impressive growth in tourism Visit California has inspired. Click through the links below to see a high resolution view.

The Year in Review also included a smaller brochure-style report that highlighted the biggest achievements of the year for Visit California. This bright, fun, “mini” was a delightful project to work on. It features fun infographics, progressing page sizes and bright, color coded, page labels. It might be small but it packs a punch!




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