We are very passionate about logo design. In fact, we arm wrestle one another to see who can champion each logo project that walks in the door. The winner gets to attend the kick off meetings and meet tête-à-tête with our client! Ok, maybe we don’t arm wrestle, but we still get really excited! In every case, collecting information, active listening and extensive research is key when designing or re-designing any and every logo.

Gathering all the backstory helps us find our creative center of gravity so we can then get off on the right start of our creative problem-solving process.

The Challenge: Design a logo that speaks specifically to the LGBTQ+ student community while:

  • simultaneously respecting the world famous Pride Flag
  • coexisting within the college branding
  • Representing the organization and their efforts to provide (*safe-zones) for LGBTQ+ students on campus

*Safe-zone: a place or space where any student can inhabit (that is absent of LGBTQ+ prejudice)

The approach –

We ask ourselves:

  • What type of feeling do we want to evoke?
  • Does it communicate the organization’s intent?
  • Does it meet the college brand standards?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Can it stand alone and with other marks?

We care about design and we have a passionate graphic designer on the job. Not only do we want to make a great, long lasting product we also want to contribute to future student safety.

Here’s the result –

After all the research and brainstorming, we came up with a great solution to the unique challenge this project presented. Using a dynamic range of colors, we created a kaleidoscope effect within a shape that pays tribute to the original Delta College logo while still remaining independent and iconic.