The next 40 years — How we embraced and unlocked the power of change.


It’s usually a big deal when a company changes its logo. It usually signals some kind of change. A philosophical change can often be the catalyst to drive organizations to change the most valuable symbol representing their brand.

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

When a design firm changes its logo, it is usually a little more surprising. After all, the old adage about the cobbler’s children having no shoes rings more true at a design firm. After 14 years with our Page Boy (a variation of the same logo created over 40 years ago), we decided to change our logo and website to better represent the latest changes to Page Design Group.

The Page Design Logo over the last 40 years.

We knew we weren’t the only business going through big changes. We hear the news every week from some of our clients and vendors. Our thoughts are with any company going through a radical transition right now. Change can be hard.

Change has been the theme over this past year. It began in December with a change in some of the ownership team. Then the Covid crisis brought about significant change for our studio and our clients, not to mention the change of venue for our staff (we are all working remote now). And in May, we celebrated 40 year anniversary of Page Design. Whew! These changes triggered deeper existential conversations and thoughts within our team. 

“Inspired” by the events of this year, we decided to take a closer look at our core philosophies. As with all our re-branding projects, we analyzed our business and created some goals. We took a deep look into our core beliefs, analyzed our strengths and passions, and then clarified the services we love providing for our clients. 

After we finished our analysis, we set to work on designing a logo that represented this fresh approach to our whole business. This new symbol represents our shift to a more comprehensive approach to design and communications. Our new logo is very clear, easy to work with, and provides a trustworthy shield of quality that symbolizes the rock-solid level of professionalism you get when working with our team.

Driven to Help

During our analysis, we also realized our team loves energizing the organizations we work with but yearned to provide more. So we set our sights on sharing our expertise with the world. We know not everyone has the budget for a creative agency to create all their materials, so we are sharing real world tips you can use to improve your messaging and materials. We have created our first eBook “5 Ways to Improve Your Designs” that you can download here. We are also launching a weekly email series that will give you tricks and inspiration you can use to make your own work better. 

So, what does this mean for you? 

Along with developing this new look and sharing philosophy for Page Design, we have expanded our services. We have improved our processes to help increase the quality of our work. We have simplified a set of solutions that are easy to understand and put in place. And we stepped up our messaging game to help our customers make a deeper impact with their audience. All these improvements will make our work more targeted and strategic for our clients.

Like the banner at the top of our new website says, “New look, same great taste”. Things may look a little different, but you can be sure that the quality of our work remains excellent. We look forward to helping more customers with bigger challenges, this year. 

We wish you all the best during this interesting time.


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